During a recent interview, KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons opened up about the importance of being informed about what’s happening around us while talking about her newly released poetry book.

Sophie Simmons is widely known for being a singer, a TV personality, an advocate for children, and a model who promotes body positivity, and the owner of a clothing line for The Style Club.

In addition to her various professions, Simmons recently became a published author after she announced her brand new book titled ‘Secrets I Would Never Say, But I Would Sing’ via an Instagram post. Her poetry book consists of leftover lyrics, released songs, and poems.

During a recent interview about her brand new book, Sophie Simmons was asked to make a suggestion about what to listen, read, and watch during coronavirus since the media has a huge influence on society, especially during times like this.

In her response, Sophie stated that all should watch the news since being updated and informed is very important. The young artist also stated that she completely disagreed with the idea of staying away from the news.

Here is what Sophie said:

“I think we could all do with a little good news during the second wave of this pandemic. I think it’s very important to stay updated and watch the news, I don’t really agree with people who say not to watch it at all. I think it’s smart to be informed.

There’s a point where you’re just banging yourself over the head with the same bad news over and over. So let’s all stay informed, but maybe pair it with a romantic comedy in the evening or just some reading. Most importantly, let’s all try to stay home.”

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