KISS bassist and singer Gene Simmons‘ daughter Sophie Simmons reacted against a video on Twitter showing the violent treatment of the police officers to an African American man: ‘This is outrageous!

KISS bassist Gene Simmons’s musician and model daughter Sophie Simmons has been actively using social media platforms to express herself and reach out to her fans. She has also shown her support for the recent protests after the death of George Floyd to stop police brutality and racial discrimination.

Recently on Twitter, Sophie reacted to the video that Jason Kander, former Democratic Missouri secretary of state, posted on his Twitter account. In the video, an African American man was brutally arrested by the Kansas City police officers after he expressed himself talking in a safe distance.

On the caption of Jason Kander’s post, he wrote:

Has there been an official statement from Kansas City Police to explain/defend/condemn what occurs in this video?

Sophie retweeted the video Kander shared and furiously reacted on the caption:

This is outrageous! Clearly the police here are in the wrong. That man was using his first amendment right, peacefully from quite a distance. There is no excuse.

You can see Sophie Simmons’ post on her official Twitter account below.