Sophie Tweed Simmons posted a tweet on her official Twitter page in which talked about white supremacy. As you can see below, she shared a clear message that it is wrong and not up to an argument.

Sophie Tweed Simmons is the daughter of the KISS member Gene Simmons and his wife Canadian former Playboy Playmate Shannon Lee Tweed. The two began dating in 1983, yet they did not marry until 2011. In an older interview, Sophie stated that she avoided being a musician and a model for a long time because she did not want to be compared to her parents.

But now, in addition to being a singer and a model who promotes body positivity, Sophie is also quite an active social media user, she is especially vocal on her official Twitter page about political issues. She encourages people to vote, openly supports Joe Biden for the upcoming elections, and retweets Barack Obama‘s posts on her official Twitter page.

Simmons recently shared a post on her Twitter page about white supremacy and strictly stated that it is wrong and bad. She even took it further and wanted anyone who feels differently to unfollow her.

Here is what she said in her tweet:

“White supremacy is bad, wrong, vile… If you feel differently, hit that unfollow.”

Fans are mostly united under her tweet and supported her opinion on white supremacy. Some even stated that any kind of supremacy is bad, wrong, and vile.

You can see the Twitter post below.