KISS’ legendary bassist and co-lead singer Gene Simmons’ daughter, Sophie Simmons recently posted a tweet on her Twitter account about her new TikTok profile but her couple-days-old statement about TikTok may get her into hot water.

The talented poet, songwriter, singer, and model who promotes body positivity has often used her social media accounts to share how she has been spending her time at her house during COVID-19.

As you probably know, she finished writing her first poetry book named ‘Secrets I Would Never Say, But I Would Sing‘ and has for sure been one of the most productive (from-home) artists in 2020.

However, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t get bored at all. Just like many people did in 2020, Sophie downloaded TikTok and recently started sharing her friends’ TikToks on her Instagram account.

After receiving questions about whether she is going to create TikToks herself, Sophie said that she is just supporting the artists she works with and that it would be much better for people not to see her dancing attempts.

Even though she made the declaration mentioned above just a day ago, after some hours she shared her own TikTok profile on her Twitter account. Her dedicated fans who had seen both posts said that the good thing is that if it gets too much, she can just delete her account.

In her current TikTok account, she has not posted any dancing videos. Sophie has posted an edited video with clips from her travels and a funny video of one of her dogs sitting on the other. However, it is safe to say that her fans are still expecting her dancing videos.

Here what Sophie Tweed-Simmons said in her Instagram story:

Don’t get used to the TikToks. I am just supporting the artists I work with. You don’t want to see my attempt at the savage dance.”

Here’s what Sophie said when posting the link of her TikTok account on Twitter:

“Well… Here we go.”

You can check out Sophie Tweed-Simmons’ tweet and her prior TikTok statement on her Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Sophie Tweed-Simmons – Instagram