KISS legend Gene Simmons’ daughter and talented model/singer, Sophie Simmons, took to her official Twitter account to celebrate an important achievement about one of the latest songs.

As you might remember, Sophie collaborated with her long-time friend and musician, Felix Cartel, in March 2020 and released a new song named ‘Mine.’ Also, she wrote a song for Fly By Midnight, named Lost Without You.

Last month, Sophie’s song ‘Mine’ was placed in Canada’s Top 40 charts, and it started to climb the ladders since then. Today, Sophie revealed that Mine went top 10 songs in Canadian charts and showed how happy she is right now.

Here is what Sophie Simmons said:

“I have no new photos but…

Mine went top 10 in Canada iHeart Radio. So thank you!”

In last month, Gene Simmons took to his official Twitter account to show how proud he is to have a daughter like Sophie and shared lots of posts about her and her musical achievements.

Gene proved that Sophie is following her fathers step and celebrated her song Mine’s placement in the Top 40 charts in Canada. In moments like this, you can understand how much this achievement meant for Gene as a father. Click here for the details.