KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter and well-known singer, Sophie Simmons, has shared a new post on her official Instagram account and responded to claims that she’s dating Felix Carter.

A few days ago, Sophie started to share lots of pictures with another musician, Felix Cartal, probably from the backstage of his upcoming music video that will be released two days later. Also, Sophie announced that this song is named ‘MINE.’

After most of the fans seeing these photos, they were wondering if Felix is her boyfriend or not. Two days ago, a fan named Robert Volsansky asked this question to Sophie, and she rejected these claims. Click here for the details.

However, the fans were not convinced with this announcement, and she was still posting these kinds of pictures with Felix. Furthermore, this question becomes more and more often than it is. Afterward, Sophie decided to make a statement on Instagram Stories about her situation with Felix Cartal.

Here is what Sophie Simmons wrote:

“Sorry for the rant but it’s really annoying. Just because I’m a girl standing with a male artist, people assume we are dating…

Have they ever thought maybe I’m just really hardworking and write good songs? Sometimes?”

She continued:

“I’m just a songwriter. We are not dating. It is called working and being friends.”

You can check the post below.