KISS legend Gene Simmons’ multi-talented daughter and also famous social media phenomenon, Sophie Simmons, shared a recent photo on her official Instagram account today and stunned the fans by closing the comment section of the post after many times.

After the devastating death of George Floyd, lots of social media influencers posted a bunch of messages to rise against the cruelty of authority, and it seems that the most radical solution comes from Sophie Tweed Simmons.

As she closed the comment section of the post, she also stated that the show must be paused, referring to the famous motto that says ‘Show Must Go On’ whatever it takes.

Here is the caption of the post:

“The world must not go on as nothing has happened. pause, change is coming. we stand with you.

#theshowmustbepaused #blacklivesmatter”

And here is the letter she penned:

“Music Industry Black Out Tuesday

Due to recent events please join us as we take an urgent step to action to provoke responsibility and change. Join us on Tuesday, June 2 to disconnect from work and reconnect with the community.


You can check out that important post of Sophie below.