KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons’ daughter and talented model/singer, Sophie Simmons, posted a new Tiktok video on her official Instagram account and showed off her perfect body.

As you can see in the pictures below, Sophie followed the new trend that people are sharing their mirror selfies on Tiktok, and it seems like she could become of the Tiktok phenomenons with her posts.

In the video, Sophie shared lots of clips from her former mirror selfies, and she was wearing only lingeries in the two of them. In the first clip, you can see that she was wearing a black sports bra and tights.

In the third clip, she managed to captivate her followers by only wearing a black bra and lingerie, and she was looking fabulous with her toned body. Also, you can clearly see how a gorgeous woman she is in the other videos.

Here is what Sophie Simmons captioned:

“Mirror dump on Tiktok.”

You can check out the pictures below.

Photo Credit: Sophie Simmons – Instagram