The legendary KISS co-founder Gene Simmons’ daughter and also talented musician, Sophie Simmons posted a recent Instagram photo and announced that she’s working on her new poem book for a while.

As she announces this exciting news to the fans, she stated that these poems and lyrics would be uses for raising money for charity. With that heartwarming post, Sophie earned the fans’ hearts once again.

Here is what Sophie wrote on the caption of the photo:

“I know I’ve been working on my book of poems/lyrics for a year now, but maybe it’s time to release some of it? Would you guys want a partial release during all this?

I figure it’s a way to connect and maybe raise some money for charity?”

An Instagram user named tbird1549 made one of the most-liked comments on the post:

“Yes, you are so talented! We love what you share with us!”

Sophie fan named latino1 wrote another comment:

“I’m sure that heart of yours has a lot to say? ❤️💯”

Here is the photo of Sophie below.