The legendary founder of KISS and also one of the most talented singers of all time Gene Simmons’ lovely daughter, also a hilarious musician like his father, Sophie Tweed Simmons, has posted a couple of new videos on her Instagram Stories today.

As you will check out the video below, Sophie seems prepared and well-dressed for the dinner she’s about to participate in. However, it seems that the dinner was all prepared for her lovely dog.

Somehow, Sophie chose to tag American online and mobile prepared food ordering company Grubhub, and San Fransisco based vehicle hiring company Lyft on the videos she has shared.

You can watch the merged version of her Instagram Stories videos below.

Last month, Sophie Simmons has posted a tweet on her official Twitter account and responded to the tweet that calls her ‘The daughter of Gene Simmons’ and it seemed that Sophie is not okay with that.

Sophie has said to the morning show host of 98.3 Fly FM that some of the women who are called ‘the daughters of‘ also work and make their own careers pointing out to the fact that she writes songs for artists.

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