The famous social media personality and also the daughter of KISS icon Gene Simmons, Sophie Simmons, has posted a new photo on her Instagram account and showed off her perfect beauty for her followers once again.

In the photo, Sophie is lying on the flowers and hiding her face but still, she mesmerized the fans with half of her face. 

Sophie also wrote in the caption area that the photo was taken a year ago, and she delighted her fans with this stunning photo. Furthermore, her fans left their reactions in the comment section, and the Instagram post has got 10K likes in just 13 hours.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Last year poppy fields #OldPhoneWhoDis #2019.

Because apparently when I post my NYE outfit people freak out 🤷🏼‍♀️.”

We compiled some of the fan comments here. Check out the most liked comments below.

A fan named Sergio wrote:

“No tattoos. Perfect. Stay as you are”

Another fan on Instagram said:

“Beauty amongst orange”

An Instagram user, Breanna, said:

“So pretty!💕”

You can see the original Instagram post below.