25-year-old pop singer, Halsey, has posted a new tweet on her official account and wanted help from the fans about some rare alcohols from Amsterdam.

After a while, Sophie has responded to Halsey’s tweet and tried to do a favor for her with Nick Simmons, who is the elder children of Gene Simmons.

Here’s what Halsey wrote:

“Hello, Dutch friends. I want to buy De Ruijter online because I can’t stop thinking about Hagelslag but which do I get? Dark? Milk? Pure? Chunks? Small? Help!”

Sophie responded:

“Hey, Nick and I have some from my last Amsterdam trip!”

A Halsey fan named Madi commented:

“Do you like crunchies?”

Halsey responded:

“Yes! D put me on to them and I’m obsessed”

Another fan named Nina wrote:

“De Leche miss chefsey”

Halsey responded again:

“I love it. I make it myself homemade from scratch :)”

As you can see that Halsey responded to her two fans but didn’t even care about Sophie’s tweet. Maybe, they touched in a private way via DM or anything else.

Check out the tweets below.