KISS icon Gene Simmons showed how celebrities should act by replying to one of the KISS fans on Twitter and proved once again that he is a kind-hearted man, besides his solid and tough appearance on the stage.

A fan of KISS, named Allyssa, tagged KISS and Gene Simmons and wrote that her mother’s birthday is on the next week, and she wants to see the band next year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, the coronavirus outbreak hit the economy of the family like the other families.

Even though the money is an issue for Allyssa, she stated that her mother deserves to see KISS, and she will do whatever she can to buy a ticket for her mother, even if she goes broke because of it.

After seeing this inspirational act from his fan, Gene celebrated the birthday of Allyssa’s mother and wished the best for her. Furthermore, Gene said that Allyssa is a perfect daughter and praised her character.

With this lovely gesture from Gene, he proved why everybody calls him a legend, and why it is not just because of the way he plays music. In this way, Gene earned the respect of the fans once again and showed that he is worthy of being called as a legend.

A fan of KISS, Allyssa said:

“My mom’s birthday is in a week & all she wants is to see @kiss in Pgh next year. This damn virus has me struggling for money.

I might just buy them to make her happy even if I go broke. She deserves it. She’s losing her sight and would love to see you one last time Gene.”

Gene Simmons replied:

“Happy Birthday to your lovely Mom. Please give her my best. You’re a wonderful daughter for appreciating her the way you do. Moms Rule!”

You can read the tweets below.