KISS bassist Gene Simmons unveiled the reason behind why he doesn’t want any gifts from his family, bandmates, and fans for his birthday during his recent interview with Omny FM.

As you might know, Gene Simmons was born on August 25, 1949, and he recently celebrated his 72nd birthday. Of course, his longtime friends and bandmates such as Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer didn’t forget to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to Simmons through their social media accounts.

In addition, KISS’s official accounts celebrated Simmons’ birthday by defining him as the ‘God of Thunder.’ Furthermore, the band members and the audience sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him during their concert in Toledo. Gene expressed the gratitude and happiness he felt upon receiving so much love.

After the host asked what he received from his family and bandmates as birthday gifts, Simmons answered that the KISS members didn’t buy him anything because he doesn’t want that. The reason behind it is that he already has everything he has wished for, and thus, they should use their money for people who need help.

Simmons stated in his interview that:

“The band got me nothing because I keep telling everybody, you and everyone listening ‘I’m the luckiest son of b’tch who ever walked on the face of this planet.’ I’ve had everything that I ever imagined. If you want to get me a present please buy some philanthropy for children, for people suffering from AIDS.

Just gift to somebody else and sending good wishes is the best birthday gift. The rest of it, I don’t need stuff. I have fulled my belly, I have a roof over my head as many as I can want. Please don’t buy me stuff, just send me good wishes and send your money to try to do good around you.”

Therefore, Simmons highlighted that he doesn’t want to get any presents for his birthday by defining himself as the luckiest man alive. Instead, he wants people to help others who need their support instead of spending their money buying presents.

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