KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons uploaded an illustration of the band members via his official Twitter account and revealed his favorite artist of all time, Jack Kirby.

Jack Kirby is a comic book artist who passed away in 1994. He is the creator of the famous Marvel characters, including Captain America, Fantastic Four, and many more. Also, he had worked with DC Comics as well.

While Gene Simmons was mentioning the impressive works Kirby had done in his career, he also stated that Kirby was his favorite artist. Additionally, Simmons stated that he even wanted him to become the artist of KISS Comics. Unfortunately, it never happened.

However, there was a piece of artwork about KISS that Gene shared, and he wanted everybody to check out these fascinating drawings of KISS which were probably made by Jack Kirby himself.

Here is what Gene Simmons stated in his tweet about Jack Kirby:

“Jack Kirby was always my favorite artist. Captain America. The Hulk. Fantastic four. Thor. Far too many other classics to mention.

I wanted him to be the artist on our KISS Comics. But it never happened. However, check this out!”

You can check out the post below.