In his recent post on Twitter, KISS’ Gene Simmons shared an interesting photo from Vancouver and asked his fans to do something about it, which could turn into a new trend.

As the successor of New York-based rock and roll band, Wicked Lester, KISS became commercially successful and internationally famous as soon as they hit the rock stage for the first time. Their music and the band’s distinctive looks and personas contributed to their popularity.

Simmons’ ‘The Demon’ persona and makeup drew inspiration from a fictional character from Marvel Comics named Black Bolt, especially his wings. Since then, their image has turned into a trademark, and the world has been full of KISS-themed items and collectibles.

As one of them, Simmons found graffiti in which his ‘Demon’ makeup was a part of it from Vancouver and shared it with his followers. Then, he had a special request from them, saying that they could send the photos to him if they came across images like that in different places.

In the tweet, Simmons penned:

“On the street in Vancouver, BC. If you see sites like these where you live, send them to me.

You can check out the tweet below.