KISS icon Gene Simmons’ wife Shannon Simmons took to her official Instagram account to share a photo of her husband via her official Instagram account and showed how a great couple they are once again.

As you can see in the picture below, the couple went to Green Lake in Canada to relax during these tough times. Shannon took a picture of Gene and said that her husband, the weather, and the environment are all looking perfect that she understands why everybody calls this place as Green Lake.

Additionally, Gene shared his thoughts via his official Twitter account and revealed why it was a great way to spend his free time. He said that Green Lake is a perfect place because it has perfect weather, and you can follow the social distancing. Also, Gene mentioned that his wife also makes this place more beautiful.

However, lots of the fans questioned how the Simmons family could pass the border. Because, the borders between Canada and the United States are closed until at least August 21, 2020. However, neither Gene nor Shannon answered these questions, and the curiosity is still living in between the fans.

Here is what Shannon Simmons wrote:

“I guess that’s why it’s called a green lake. Perfect hike. Perfect weather. The perfect husband.”

Gene Simmons replied:

“Perfect hike. Safe distancing. Perfect weather. Perfect place, Canada. Perfect Wife.”

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