On Twitter today, KISS bassist and singer Gene Simmons has made a really classy favor to a die-hard KISS fan who passed away from lung cancer in October 2019.

A fan named Kelly has posted a video of her cancer brother and revealed the story of how her brother became a KISS fan in the tweet. She also tagged KISS’ official account, Paul Stanley, and of course Gene Simmons.

Gene has reacted to the tweet of Kelly and said he’ll send a ticket to her for one of the upcoming shows of KISS. Check the conversation below.

“My mom who once forbid my brother listening to KISS realized she is actually part of the KISS Army & realized life is short. So we are going to see #EndOfTheRoad in February 🎉🎉 PLZ make her day and say hi!”

Gene responded:

“Hi, Kelly’s Mom. By the way, don’t be concerned when someone calls her about the KISS Concert. 🤟😎. And, why are you in that bed?”

Kelly responded:

“He passed away in October- #lungcancersucks

He sang KISS every day in that bed though! Thank you @genesimmons I’m crying again/still – you’ve warmed my heart ❤️”

You can watch the videos below.