KISS bass guitarist and co-founder Gene Simmons has been using social media activity for a while now, and he has been sharing his opinions on politics as well as interacting with his followers.

Yesterday, one of the fans of Gene wondered which song Gene wants to see Bob Dylan cover from KISS and asked this question to the legendary bass guitarist. However, his answer was a bit surprising for most people.

Although lots of the people were expecting to hear the original and most loved songs of KISS, Gene actually wanted Bob Dylan to cover the ‘Waiting For The Morning Light’ song from his solo album ‘Asshole.’

One of the most important facts about this song is, Gene wrote ‘Waiting For The Morning Light’ with Bob Dylan, so it would be so easy to cover it. Also, it wouldn’t be much different than we already listened to.

One of the fans of Gene asked:

“If Bob Dylan ever wanted to cover a Kiss song which one would you want him to do?”

Gene Simmons replied:

“Which song would I want Bob Dylan to record? Waiting For The Morning Light, written by Bob Dylan & Gene Simmons.”

You can check out the post and listen to the song below.