In an interview with The Sun, KISS’ Gene Simmons recently spoke about his physical labor during his time with the band. The bassist stated that he has the pride and dignity to quit.

KISS has been performing since its formation in 1973. Unlike many other bands, their onstage performances, including their style, musical talents, and stunts, have been regarded as one of the most extraordinary rock and roll acts. They use heavy outfits and are physically active, which stuck as an image for the band throughout their careers. They are also more widely known for their stage personas, the Starchild, the Demon, the Spaceman, and The Catman.

Simmons knows and is aware of how much their legacy is worth. He got to experience the physical aspect of the KISS all these years. The rocker said that they had performed for years despite the physical efforts, and now that the band members are retiring, they know when to quit instead of overdoing it. He also stated that Mick Jagger is 75 and still performing on stage because he doesn’t carry all the KISS equipment.

Simmon’s words on Mick Jagger are nothing new, as the bassist had already praised his band for holding on this long on the stage with all the physical effort they go through. In the same interview, he stated that Mick Jagger wouldn’t be able to do anything like that. He said that the band has the dignity and pride to quit before wearing themselves off to a point where they cannot continue.

Here are Simmons’ words on retiring:

“Am I going to be convincing doing this at 75? No. Because I still have to wear these dragon boots proudly. Each of them weighs almost as much as a bowling ball on its own. Plus, I wear about forty pounds of armor and studs and guitars that I’m carrying around on eight-inch platform heels. The physicality of what we do is just crazy. At some point, you’ve got to have some dignity and pride and quit while the getting’s good.”

The band is saying goodbye to the stage on their world tour named End of the Road. They hit the road in 2019, but the band had to wait before they concluded their stage careers because of the pandemic. However, the band will still be present at their museum in Las Vegas. They will be displaying and closely following the Vegas museum to leave a legacy for their fans aside from their music.