KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently joined an interview with Planet Rock and opened up about his experiences from their ongoing End of the Road World Tour. Simmons discussed the Beatles’ impact on Motown and Chuck Berry’s stardom while talking about his feelings toward the United Kingdom.

The Beatles created a unique sound combining skiffle, beat, and ’50s rock and roll and became a prominent figure in the music industry immediately after its formation in 1960. They reflected a new version of rock in their music, integrating classical and traditional pop influences.

The band started the British Invasion of the United States pop market and became a pioneering figure in the revival of Britain’s culture. In their earlier years, the members were influenced by Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, and Motown artists, and their Berry covers even contributed to the musician’s popularity after he was released from prison.

The British band opened a new gate in the music scene as the precursors of recording, songwriting, and artistic presentation. Although they stayed together for only ten years, the band carried its music to the present day. Besides being an essential representative of the rock genre, they also became a source of pride for the UK.

Recently, Gene Simmons revealed that the United Kingdom has a special place in his heart, even though he generally loves touring around Europe. He stated that the UK is an important country for rock music as it was the homeland of the Beatles. According to him, the band made a considerable contribution to the world by discovering and carrying influences from Chuck Berry and Motown.

Gene Simmons said the following when asked about his experience in Europe during the tour:

“Phenomenal. We had such an amazing time, and European, in particular, has been really welcoming. But there’s no place like the UK. For me, the UK is the holy ground. You gave the world the Beatles, and for that, I can almost forgive you for being a colonial empire. They literally changed the world and opened the minds of a lot of young kids and all of a sudden discovered Motown, Chuck Berry, and all that. They had no idea the impact they had on this yours truly.”

After its United States tour, KISS completed the 9th leg of their End of the Road World Tour in Europe. They impressed their audience and had enjoyable moments in the countries like Germany, France, and Spain. The band has been continuing the tour’s 10th leg in Australia.