KISS icon Gene Simmons responded to the question of a Twitter user to share his thoughts on running a business and give an insight into his relationship with money.

During their long-term career spanning over four decades, KISS has invented other ways to make a profit rather than relying solely on the sales of their musical efforts and concerts. The band has gained from concert merchandising and marketing KISS-branded products to the audience.

Turning KISS into a brand has not been enough for the band members, especially for Gene Simmons. The bassist is a very successful entrepreneur, owning Simmons Records, the Cool Springs financial services firm, the LA KISS arena football team, Rock & Brews restaurant chain, along with his bandmate Paul Stanley. Simmons has also been involved in various film and television projects. So, the musician surely knows how to make money.

When Gene Simmons recently tweeted to promote his latest venture, MoneyBag Vodka, he gave a piece of career advice and encouraged people to go after what they want in their lives regardless of what others say. The bassist advised young people to keep moving forward if they want to win. Following his tweet, a user criticized Simmons for starting his words in a ‘meaningful and insightful’ way but then advertising his business.

The follower implied that the bassist should’ve separated promoting his business and teaching life lessons. Then, Simmons responded to him by saying that life is all about business, so there was nothing wrong with his statement. According to Simmons, everything is about making or spending money, even though it might be hard for some to admit.

Gene Simmons’ initial tweet:

“Everybody’s got an opinion. Just keep moving forward and doing what you want in your life. It’s the only way to win. The rest will be in the peanut gallery talking while you’re actually accomplishing something. MoneyBag Vodka. 10 X Distilled! Coming to your stores.”

The user’s comment:

“You say something really meaningful and insightful, then make it an advertisement for vodka?! I know you are a business genius, but can’t you separate it once in a while?”

The bassist replied:

“To answer your question: No. And that’s because life is business. May not be what you want to hear. Too bad. Everything either costs you money or makes you money. Everything.”

You can check out the tweets below.