KISS rocker revealed the problem he has struggled with in an interview by The Independent and claimed it was harder to notice than substance abuse.

As you may know, KISS bassist Gene Simmons had a troubled childhood when he was young. He struggled with poverty and his father’s absence while growing up. Along with that, Simmons needed to help his mother to make a living. However, when he and his mother moved to the States, tables turned for the bassist.

Simmons’ interest in music started when he was a child, as he was spending quite a long time playing his guitar to escape from his problems. After moving to the states, Simmons began playing with his first band Lynx. From then on, he worked with several bands but in January 1973, the bassist co-founded the legendary rock band KISS.

With KISS, Simmons quickly rose to prominence and enjoyed phenomenal commercial success with the band. Although he is now 72 years old, the bassist still plays with the band and continues to make musical efforts. Besides, with the contribution of his musical career in KISS, Simmons currently has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

Speaking to The Independent for a new interview, Gene Simmons talked about his career in KISS and the effects of the fame on his personality. As reported by The Independent, he also talked about these in the documentary ‘Biography: KISStory.’ The bassist said in the film that he succumbed to fame as a result of KISS’ success. Simmons then said struggling with a big ego is more apparent on the outside than with substance abuse while mentioning his lifelong sobriety.

According to The Independent, Gene Simmons said in the documentary that:

“I succumbed to fame. Not with chemicals and alcohol, but with ego… It’s easy to look at someone who’s suffering with alcohol or drugs and say: ‘Hey, you got a problem, buddy.’ Mine was more hidden. Being full of myself, that’s what it was.

I’ve never taken any drugs. Not marijuana, not coke, not crack, not heroin, nothing. Never smoked cigarettes. Never been drunk in my life, not once. I don’t say this to try to convince anybody, because you should get a menu in life and pick what you want. You can eat desserts all the time, but you’re gonna f*** up your body.”

In the same interview, the bassist also claimed that being abandoned by his father affected his big ego as well. Mentioning the struggles he endured together with his mother Florence, Simmons then claimed it was his mother who thought he would be great, and now he is.