KISS bassist and the co-founding member of the band for decades, Gene Simmons, has recently been interviewed by ‘Heavy Consequence’s Spencer Kaufman this week and was asked if he’s on the same spot claiming that ‘rock is dead’ already.

As you might already remember, last month, Gene has been interviewed by NME Music and stated that he still thinks that rock is dead already and the new-age bands do not have the ambition they had and they couldn’t take the time to create excitement.

In his latest interview with Heavy Consequence, Gene Simmons put The Beatles on the table to support his argument once again. Simmons stated that despite Foo Fighters is one of his favorite bands right now, he also claimed that there is not any Beatles industry right now and there won’t be any time soon.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“The point is, yeah, rock is dead because if we play the game from 1958 until 1988, which is 30 years, you had Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, Pink Floyd, and on and on and on and you can go to the heavy part of it, which is Metallica, Maiden, if you want to put KISS in there, that’s fine.

AC/DC, on and on and on. Even U2, Prince, Bowie, Eagles. And then you get to disco stuff, and Madonna, and that stuff, and Motown, of course. And then from 1988 until today, who’s the new Beatles?

He continued by referring to Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl:

“I’ve heard a reaction of Foo Fighters, one of my favorite bands, but you’re kidding yourself. There’s also the boy bands: NSYNC, One Direction, BTS, and XYZ, PTA, and good for them that they’ve got success. Don’t kid yourself. As soon as those girls are gonna grow a little bit older, that’s going to go away.

It’s like sugar: you taste it, it gives you that little energy boost, and then it’s gone forever and you don’t care. But don’t kid yourself, it ain’t The Beatles. They don’t write songs, they don’t play instruments, it ain’t that. And we all love Elvis, never wrote a song in his life. There’s just nothing that compares to The Beatles.”

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