KISS co-founder and bassist, Gene Simmons, recently finished the renovations of his gorgeous mansion in Beverly Hills and put it up for sale for the second time, now asking for a higher price.

As you may recall, back in October 2020, Gene Simmons had put his two-acre mansion located in Beverly Hills on the market for $22 million. However, the mansion was never sold and the Simmons decided to do some renovations. Even though the mansion is like a miniKISS museum, which is something that Gene probably thought would attract investors, it apparently drove them off.

For instance, four out of the seven bedrooms are filled with band gear and equipment which is definitely very interesting, but not very practical for buyers who are not musicians.

Thus, Gene decided to spend some money to renovate the house so that it looks more modern and tidied up. After months of renovations, the house was put back on the market for $25 million and it’s now expecting its new owners.

Click here for the source and you can see the inside of the mansion below.