Recently on Twitter, the bass player of KISS, Gene Simmons has replied a tweet from a fan and revealed the truth about the origins of his name.

A fan named Mark Leo stated on Twitter that he had found the origin of the name Gene Simmons and revealed the connection between the KISS icon’s name and a rockabilly singer named ‘Jumping Gene Simmons.’

Additionally, the fan tagged to his tweet the official Twitter account of Gene Simmons and he received a reply from the KISS legend in a little while. Simmons replied to the fan’s claims concerning his name and unveil the truth about it:

“This is not true. It is strictly a coincidence.”

The Demon of KISS denied any connection of his name to the rock and roll singer Jumping Gene Simmons and put an end to the discussion once and for all.

You can see Gene Simmons’s tweet on his official Twitter account below.