Gene Simmons, the iconic bassist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, has responded with a great sense of humor to the question of his fan who asked him whether he pays somebody to post on social media or is it really him using.

The Israeli-born legend, Gene Simmons, has been quite active on social media, especially on Twitter for some time now. The follower of globally known news sources such as CNN and CBS, Simmons frequently reposts the updates about the coronavirus and socially significant events.

As you may recall, at last, he has commemorated one of the most beloved jurists of America, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Deeply affected by the passing of Ginsburg, Simmons said she was a giant of law and women’s rights.

Surprised by how Gene Simmons manages to be extremely active and responsible Twitter user, a follower of him has asked most recently if Gene is paying somebody to post tweets. Simmons has reacted by saying that it’s him using the platform and asked his fans if he is paying somebody to post instead.

Here is what the fan of Gene Simmons asked to him on Twitter:

“Gene is this actually you posting or you paying somebody?”

Simmons responded as:

Yes, it’s me. And, is this you, or are you paying somebody to post?”

You can see the tweets below.