KISS co-founder and also the almost 1M followed social media phenomenon, Gene Simmons, took his official Twitter account to announce KISS’ largest live streaming event of 2020 which will be made in Dubai, and responded to the reactions of KISS fans.

According to the official announcement of KISS, the band will light 2020 on fire live on stage from Dubai on New Year’s Eve. The tickets now on sale and the live stream pay-per-view package is available for $39.99 while the exclusive VIP package is $249.99.

After Gene shared the great news with his followers on social media, one of them responded to the tweet and alluded to KISS members for not refusing money even in the pandemic by sharing a sarcastic meme.

Unfortunately, the fan who accuses Gene was wrong about something. The person in the meme he posted was actually Mohammed Bin Salman who is the crown prince of Saudia Arabia, not the United Arab Emirates. As a clever guy, Gene noticed the mistake and hammered the fan by telling him that he is not bright enough.

Here is the initial tweet that Gene has written:

“KISS – Live NewYear’s Eve from DUBAI! Streaming around the world. Here’s how you can witness the spectacle, LIVE, as it happens!”

A Twitter user has responded and put a money bag on the photo of KISS and Salman:

“An offer they could not refuse even during a pandemic.”

Here’s how Gene Simmons slammed the user:

Tim, you don’t seem very bright. Pardon my bluntness. The Gent in your photo actually rules Saudi Arabia. Not, Dubai. Good luck to you.

You can check out the whole tweets below.