KISS icon Gene Simmons revealed his reaction to a fan that claims Gene becomes the representative of CNN by replying to his tweet via his official Twitter account.

As you might already know, Gene Simmons enjoys sharing all sorts of news from the web without writing anything, just to let his followers know what is happening around the whole world and inform them.

This time, Simmons shared a news article from New York Post, however, one of the Twitter users accused Gene of being the spokesperson of CNN somehow. And this disrespectful behavior pissed off Gene.

Although Gene was pretty angry about this tweet, he replied like a gentleman. He mentioned that this news isn’t posted on CNN and asked kindly this person to read what he actually shared.

Here’s what a Twitter user stated about Gene Simmons’ post:

“Since when Gene became a spokesperson of CNN?”

To which Gene Simmons replied:

“Mr Pop Fix, would like to respectfully point out this news item is credited to NY Post. You just need to read it… But if or when I become a spokesperson for CNN, I’ll be sure to let you know… Ok, Boss?

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