KISS‘ co-lead singer and bassist, Gene Simmons, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and responded to a funny anecdote shared by a KISS fan on Twitter, and verified the legitimacy of the story.

As you know, Gene Simmons enjoys interacting with his fans and followers through his Twitter account. Since yesterday, people have been sharing funny and interesting stories of how they met Simmons.

Everything started when Simmons reacted to the news of Costco requiring all members, employees, and guests to wear a face-mask starting from Monday. A follower of Gene Simmons responded to his reaction by asking Simmons when the last time he went to Costco was.

This response slightly frustrated Gene Simmons who said that he was at Costco two days ago and told his follower to stop making stuff up about him as he doesn’t know Simmons in person.

After this, fans started responding to Gene Simmons by sharing the interesting and quirky ways that they met him. While some mentioned the time when they bumped into each other at a supermarket, another follower had quite a funny and memorable one which was also confirmed by Gene himself.

Here is the story that Gene Simmons’s follower shared on Twitter:

“I was backstage for the Kiss/Aerosmith tour (Chicago), out of nowhere Gene shows up! Fully clothed with a bathrobe on, everyone says ‘hey Gene’. Gene calmly responds: ‘I have to take a dump‘ and slowly walks away.”

Here is what Gene Simmons said while retweeting this funny anecdote:

True dat.”

You can check out the tweet that Gene Simmons posted below.