KISS icon Gene Simmons has responded to a fan that claims he was fighting against coronavirus for a long time on his official Twitter account and revealed his reaction.

Right now, over 145K COVID-19 cases and 5K deaths have been confirmed by the governments. And the world is suffering from this outbreak for over a month. China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, and Germany are the nations that have the most cases by country.

A fan named Jamie Röve shared lots of old photos of Gene while he was closing his mouth with some gear and newspaper, and made a joke about it by saying he has been fighting coronavirus for his entire life.

Gene saw this tweet and couldn’t stop to share his reaction. He liked the way Jamie did this joke. Gene retweeted this post with the laughing, and Gene showed his humoristic side in this way.

A fan named Jamie Röve wrote:

“It appears @genesimmons fought the Coronavirus pretty much the entire time he dated Cher.”

Gene Simmons reacted:


Another fan named Michael replied:

“Awesome! Make sure you and your family stay healthy Gene. Remember to disinfect your whole house, including your office.”

You can check his tweet below.