KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons revealed his reaction to a recent Tiktok video of her daughter and model/singer, Sophie Simmons, via his official Twitter account.

The bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie has been focusing on various artistic genres, including music and poetry. A few days ago, Sophie announced that her much-anticipated poetry book named ‘Secrets I Would Never Say, But I Would Sing‘ is now available.

As you may recall, the multitalented young artist has been receiving requests from her fans to create a TikTok account to which she strictly opposed at first. However, later, Sophie seemed to change her mind as she joined TikTok and started to share hilarious videos of herself.

Recently, Sophie shared her latest TikTok video in which she tagged Will I Am and Shakira. Although she wasn’t sure if she made the video right or not, Sophie made everybody laugh by exposing her real outlook in her daily life.

Furthermore, Gene Simmons showed how much he liked the hilarious video of his daughter and gave his support to Sophie by replying to her tweet. While saying ‘go Sophie go’ to his daughter, Gene also proved what a great father he is.

Here’s what Sophie Simmons wrote in the caption of her video:

“Shakira, Will I Am, did I do it right? Well?”

Here’s how Gene Simmons replied:

Go Sophie, go!

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