KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared a post in his official Twitter account, in which he reacted to one of his old videos shot during the ’80s campaign called Rock Against Drugs (RAD).

As you know, drugs and rock music have a long history together. In the late 1980s, a number of musicians came together to create awareness of the negative effects of using drugs. The campaign called Rock Against Drugs brought together many famous names like Jon Bon Jovi, Gene Simmons, Ted Nugent, and Lou Reed. They conveyed messages about drug abuse in the commercials and tried to reach the teens.

Gene Simmons is publicly known to be against any kind of drug and alcohol use from his various statements. Simmons is mostly very harsh on this topic as he had some unpleasant experiences before. He never used drugs or alcohol and always stated that he is proud of that since it contributed to his success in music.

A Twitter user shared Gene Simmons’ commercial in the RAD campaign and praised his stance on this issue. In the video, Simmons advises people not to believe in drugs but believe in themselves instead. KISS bassist reacted to the video and confirmed that it’s him.

In the video, Gene Simmons shows up in a horror movie makeup in the beginning and talks about how drugs make him feel good. Then, he turns into his casual appearance and criticizes drug use. Simmons also added that it has been a long time since he did this video but he still supports the same messages he gave about not doing drugs.

Here is what Gene Simmons said in the commercial video:

“Drugs are great. Drugs make me strong. Drugs make me smart. Drugs make me feel good. Drugs make me cool. Do you believe that crap? Do you believe all that stuff that handed you about drugs? If you want to believe in something, how about yourself? Don’t do drugs.”

Gene Simmons’ Twitter post read:

“Yes. That’s me in the prosthetic makeup. Though I did this public service message long ago, I stand by my words.”

Below, you can check out the tweet he posted.