KISS‘ co-lead singer and bassist, Gene Simmons, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and showed his full support to Jason Momoa on his reaction towards the comments he received considering the color of his outfits.

For sure, Gene Simmons is one of the most active social media users, and this time he used his Twitter account to post a message in support of the famous actor Jason Momoa, who often receives sexist and homophobic criticism considering his clothing style.

As you may know, Jason Momoa enjoys wearing colorful clothes, and the pink suit that he wore at the Oscars had become a matter of discussion. Also, it is known that Momoa likes wearing, often pink, scrunchies and flashy bracelets.

Due to his clothing style, Momoa has received numerous sexist and homophobic comments to which he recently replied that he does not ‘give a sh–t what anyone thinks.’

In his recent tweet, Gene Simmons retweeted an article featuring Jason Momoa’s reaction to the criticism he receives due to his clothing style and showed his full support. He commented on Momoa’s reaction as ‘a breath of fresh air‘ probably implying that seeing public figures such as Momoa react to sexist and homophobic comments is refreshing.

Here is what Gene Simmons said about Momoa’s reaction to the criticism he received:

“A breath of fresh air!”

You can check out the tweet that Gene Simmons posted on his Twitter account below.