KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently shared a post to express his thoughts about the former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson‘s hitting a fan on his official Twitter account.

Mike Tyson’s flight for Florida out of San Francisco on Wednesday night turned into a nightmare for him, a fan, and the other passengers. According to TMZ’s report, a fan approached and provoked the boxer while he was having a conversation, resulting in Tyson punching him several times.

After the infamous incident, Tyson’s representatives highlighted that the man never stopped harassing the boxer and threw a bottle at him. Some of his friends and fans supported Tyson, and one of them, professional boxer Jake Paul stated that the passenger got what he deserved.

After TMZ shared Paul’s words about the incident, Simmons wrote ‘agreed’ in his tweet. His fans weren’t surprised by the bassist’s reaction since he spent some time together with Tyson and admired his talent and personality many times. However, there are also others that completely against violence.

TMZ’s tweet read:

“Jake Paul says Mike Tyson didn’t do anything wrong when he pummeled a passenger aboard his flight Wednesday night, ’cause the guy deserved to get his ass beat for allegedly heckling the former heavyweight champ.”

Simmons responded:


You can check out the tweets below.