The bass player of KISS, Gene Simmons, has shared a new tweet on his official page to react to a KISS parody band called ‘Reggae Kiss.’

Three years ago, a Jamaican tribute band, Reggae Kiss, has premiered the music video for their new song ‘Naked City,’ which is a reggae version of KISS’ original one. A Twitter user, Sergio Mendoza, has shared the video on Twitter by tagging KISS members, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

Here’s what he wrote to KISS members:

“You have got to listen to this. It is so cool! Perfect for the 40th anniversary of ‘Unmasked'”

KISS’ demon Gene Simmons reacted to it on his official Twitter page by saying:

“I’m blown away by this amazing reggae version of Naked City (off our UnmaskedLP). Great job, guys.”

A fan named Marc commented to Gene:

“Quite nice, given the fact I don’t like reggae a whole lot and Naked City is my favorite Simmons track.”

You can see the music video of Naked City’s reggae version below. Click here to reach Gene’s tweet.