American actress Sharon Stone had talked about Bob Dylan in 2019 in the Netflix documentary of Dylan’s ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’ tour. She revealed the reason why Dylan wore white paint on his face at the tour, and most recently, it grabbed KISS’ Gene Simmons’ attention.

The Rolling Thunder Revue tour happened at the peak of Bob Dylan’s career. He had decided to become more intimate with his audience, and that’s why his shows took place mostly in small auditoriums in small towns. The tour lasted a year, consisted of 57 concerts, and one of its most memorable featured was Dylan’s white face paint.

This tour was made into a documentary and was released on Netflix in 2019. In the documentary, Sharon Stone spoke about going to one of his concerts with her mother. The successful and bold actress wore a KISS t-shirt to the concert, and she shared how it grabbed Dylan’s attention.

While they were waiting to get in, the guard at the door was checking everyone’s tickets before letting them in. However, Dylan showed up and asked those who didn’t have tickets to follow with him. Thus, Sharon Stone followed the rocker, and her KISS t-shirt caught Bob’s attention. He talked to her about KISS, and the actress stressed how much she admired the makeup.

Scarlet Rivera, Dylan’s violinist, had a relationship with Gene Simmons, and using that connection, Bob Dylan attended a KISS live to observe and get inspired from their stage looks. He painted his face white and started to take the stage in that look.

Gene Simmons shared an excerpt from the documentary on Twitter and said:

“Bob Dylan Influenced by KISS? Decades ago, I was friendly with Bob’s violin player Scarlet Rivera. She told Bob about KISS. Then, Bob came to see us play live. And then, he decided to put on white face paint. Here, let Bob tell the story.”

In the 2019 documentary, Dylan said:

“Most people would kind of stay away from Scarlet, but not me. Her boyfriend at the time was the leader of KISS. She took me over to Queens to see them play. They were playing at a small club. They had face paint on, I thought that was interesting. I kind of filed that away somewhere.

It was a matter of mystery for the fans, and over the years, they have initiated online debates about why Bob Dylan decided to start using face painting. This documentary had clarified it two years ago, and it recently also made Simmons proud of their influence on other musicians.

You can have a look the tweet below.