During a new episode of AppleTV’s Carpool Karaoke, famous rapper Snopp Dogg has performed KISS’ classic song ‘I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night’.

Official Twitter account of Carpool Karaoke has revealed the preview video of the recent episode on Twitter with this caption:

“Say, man, you seen @SnoopDogg & Matthew @McConaughey’s #CarpoolKaraoke yet?

It’d be a lot cooler if you did.

Watch the episode for free on your @AppleTV app!”

KISS bassist Gene Simmons has reacted to that episode with this tweet:

“They dropped it like it’s hot. All right all right all right. @SnoopDogg @McConaughey”

You can see the video and Gene’s tweet below.

Watch the full episode for free, click here.