KISS’ Gene Simmons couldn’t hold himself back from replying to a tweet by Tennessee’s Senator Marsha Blackburn about abortion recently. In his tweet, he indicated that the senator was not aware of American history.

Abortion rights have been a topic of controversy in the States for a long time. While generally, the conservative party members and supporters want to limit women’s rights to have an abortion in case of unwanted pregnancy, the rest of the country considers this a limit to women’s freedom.

The conservatives’ claims regarding abortion take support from religion and consider it a sin to abort a fetus even in its early stages before it has developed. Apparently, KISS bassist Gene Simmons is pro-abortion, and he made this apparent in his recent reply to Senator Marsha Blackburn’s tweet.

Blackburn had stated that the American Constitution gives people the ‘rights to life’ and ‘happiness’ while these words were clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence published in 1776. She further noted that the Constitution does not grant abortions. Hence, Gene pointed her ‘mistake’ out and shamed her for not knowing the history of America.

Here is the Senator’s tweet:

“The Constitution grants us rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not abortions.”

Gene’s reply reads:

“Shamefully, this US Senator doesn’t know her American history. The Declaration of Independence ‘declares’ our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not the Constitution.”

Gene’s fans supported him in the comments and suggested he run for senate or even presidency. They compared him to Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider for his outspeaking personality and appreciated him not refraining from his thoughts and opinions. However, some fans were anti-abortion in the reply section, and they chose to unfollow the rockstar for his views.

You can see the tweet below.