KISS star and also the co-founding member of the band, Gene Simmons, had a couple of Twitter conversations with his followers today and responded to the claims that he’s getting money to send regular tweets about the blockchain and cryptocurrency company named Cardano.

You may already follow the Twitter account of Gene that he’s sending tweets about the cryptocurrency industry almost every single day of the week. While he insists on claiming not giving any investment recommendation, fans are curious about why Gene keeps sending about the same topic again and again.

Today, Gene Simmons posted yet another tweet about the cryptocurrency named Cardano which is a network and open source project that aims to run a public blockchain platform that Gene Simmons has bought $300K worth recently. After sending the tweet, some of his fans accused Gene of sending ‘paid ad’ tweets.

Here is what Gene Simmons wrote first:

“So, A few days ago I bought $300,000 of Cardano (ADA) at $.90. It’s now $1.10 approximately. If you’re interested in investing, that’s your call. Just ask Google how to do it.”

A Gene Simmons follower wrote this:

“Paid Ad.”

Gene Simmons responded back:

“I’m going to say this is as kindly but factually as I can. You’re a liar. And you’re talking through your ass.

In other words, what you’re saying is untrue. Mic drop.”

You can check out the tweets below.