KISS bassist Gene Simmons remembered when he came across former US President Donald Trump while expressing his thoughts about his characteristics during his interview with Yahoo Entertainment’s Lyndsey Parker.

As you may recall, Gene Simmons and Donald Trump have been known each other for a long time since they first teamed up with the NBC show ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ Trump was the show’s host, and he fired Simmons after he lost ‘Kodak Challenge’ on purpose to go on a tour with KISS.

Therefore, Simmons was asked to share his ideas about Trump’s presidency after being elected as the 45th president of the United States. He stated that he wasn’t surprised that Trump’s being elected as the president because the US citizen’s perspective on politics started to change.

In his interview, Simmons recalled when he encountered Donald Trump when he was on a date. Trump approached him and emphasized that they are the same people because both of them like to be with hot girls. Simmons also praised Trump’s characteristics saying that people need politicians who can boldly share their ideas instead of being politically correct.

In Simmons’s words, he said:

“We were in a restaurant together. I happened to be with an attractive young lady and he walked up and said ‘you and I are exactly the same. We like hot chicks.’ That was a strange thing to say but I guess that’s true. However, I think the same person and the appeal continue to be.

People are sick and tired of politically correct language and stuff. I’m waiting for that follow-up. If you are in political dialogue and somebody spews complete fiction and stuff, you want to be able to have somebody who can say ‘are you out of your mind? what do you do just in your diapers and forget to wipe it.’ That politician who just says these instead of watching your language because the other side will spew garbage and lies.”

You can watch the interview below.