KISS co-founder who is also known as the producer of Van Halen’s first demo recordings in 1972, Gene Simmons, has been recently interviewed by Amit Sharma of Guitar World and talked about many things from Eddie Van Halen to his favorite basslines of all time.

As you may already remember, Gene Simmon and the legendary guitar brand Gibson have announced a new collaboration last month to announce that they will release brand-new guitar products in the future. The collaboration will also involve releasing some podcasts and interviews on multiple streaming platforms.

In his latest interview with Guitar World, Gene Simmons was asked after announcing the partnership for a line of basses and guitars under the name G², if that G squared or not. While admitting that he had used Gibson basses like The Grabber and The Ripper back in the ’70s, he also shared the story of meeting Eddie Van Halen.

Here is what he said about the most memorable moments with Van Halen:

“You would have been surprised. Of course, genius is the right word, but when you think ‘geniuses’ you also think of big personalities and people that are perhaps full of themselves.

You couldn’t have met a nicer person than Edward. He didn’t like Eddie. A lot of people don’t know that he started off on drums and that he was an accomplished pianist and it actually his brother Alex who was the guitar player.

They decided to switch quite early on. Imagine the musical talent in that family?”

He continued:

“When I heard he had passed, the image that immediately came into my mind after the shock, was him smiling. He always smiled. He smiled on stage when they did videos. He was just enjoying life.

He’d do these astonishing things with his guitar and look up at you as if to say, ‘Aren’t we having fun?’ as opposed to ‘See what I just did there?!’ There was never any of that ‘I know I’m great’ side to his personality.”

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