On Twitter, KISS icon Gene Simmons posted a photo with Motörhead‘s late vocalist Lemmy Kilmister and replied to a fan criticizing him being late about sending condolences: ‘I was invited and attended Lemmy’s funeral.’

Motörhead‘s founder and lead singer Lemmy Kilmister had suffered from many diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and prostate cancer, up until his death at the age of 70. Only four days after his birthday, Lemmy passed away in his house on December 28, 2015.

The paths of Gene Simmons and Lemmy Kilmister first crossed when Lemmy’s previous band Hawkwind opened for KISS in a show in the mid-1970s. Later, they kept running each other backstages of various shows and festivals. After Lemmy’s death, Gene Simmons once referred to him as a man with ‘a heart of gold.’

Recently on Twitter, Gene Simmons shared an old photo with Lemmy Kilmister and Slayer vocalist Tom Araya posted by a fan. On the caption of the photo, Gene wrote:

RIP, Lemmy.

A follower named Christina Iles criticized him being late about reacting to the death of his friend since he passed away five years ago. However, Gene Simmons replied to the tweet revealing he was actually invited and attended to the funeral back then. He also expressed his condolences to Lemmy’s family once again.

Here’s what Gene Simmons stated regarding the truth about Lemmy Kilmister’s funeral:

No Christina. I wasn’t late at all. I was invited and attended Lemmy’s funeral. You just missed my condolences to Lemmy and his family.

You can see the photo Gene Simmons shared and his response to a follower’s accusation on Twitter below.