KISS’ Gene Simmons attended a radio interview on 95.5 KLOS and talked about the reasons why rock is dead. He also blamed the fans for killing rock music because of illegal and free downloads instead of paying money to listen to the songs.

The music industry has gone through many changes throughout the years especially, because of technological developments. Vinyl became Cassettes, Cassettes became CDs, and CDs now rarely exist. Music is now available on various platforms, and there are many ways for fans to get a hold of their favorite songs for free.

The easy access to music has allowed many new artists to emerge and present their music on various streaming platforms. However, even if the contemporary artists are talented enough to achieve fame, it is difficult for them to earn enough to stay in the industry, and when they can’t, their music fades away.

This is what KISS’ bassist complained about in his latest interview. The interviewer stated that Simmons has been a ruthless critic of the new state of rock, as he argues that ‘rock is dead,’ and asked him why he thinks that. The singer said that rock is dead not because of labels not supporting musicians but because of the fans.

Here is why rock is dead, according to Gene Simmons:

It is about the fans who continue to download and file share so new bands can’t earn a living.”

The interviewer also asked the rockstar if he’d like to come back to the radio show and share his views on contemporary rock music with the host because these new bands must have support. Gene positively stated that this is a good idea and explained why.

Here is his reaction:

“I think that’d be very exciting. We should reach out, we should send a message to fans. Please go, and support your favourite new band. Please don’t do it for free. Support them so they can devote time to their art.

Because between 1958 and 1988 is 30-years we have The Beatles, Elvis, Hendrix, Madonna, AC/DC, and all of this music that’s iconic. You wanna put KISS in there, fine. Bowie and Prix and all that stuff from 1988 until today are more than 30 years.

That’s about the time Napster started, who is the new Beatles, where is Elvis? So Foo Fighters, one of my favourite bands, is amazing. That’s an old grandpa band, they’ve been young almost 25 years, so where are The Beatles, where is Elvis. Well, you can’t because the talents are out there but they can’t survive.

The rockstar gave examples from his time around the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, saying that they had various stars who got famous because people supported their music. He didn’t forget to mention that one of his favourite bands is Foo Fighters and stated that they are an ‘old band.’

Although it may be way more difficult at this time to support your favourite artist as there are too many of them on every platform, the fans can still, at least, support new artists who are still struggling to make a living.

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