Gene Simmons of KISS recently came across a fan’s tweet asking him to be a man and drink alcohol. The bassist then responded to this tweet using sarcasm.

In the rock music scene, using drugs, alcohol, and living a ‘sex, drugs, and rock and roll’ lifestyle is often preached. Although many artists lose themselves in this lifestyle and end up pretty bad due to heavy substance abuse, some are firmly against using drugs or drinking alcohol.

Gene Simmons is an excellent example among the rockers who have kept themselves away from alcohol and drugs. Never being drunk or getting high, the musician has been active in the rock music scene for over five decades. Moreover, he has a pretty sweet motivation for this decision: his mother and roots.

Simmons is a Jewish immigrant who was born in Haifa, Israel. His mother, Florence Klein, experienced the horror of Nazi concentration camps and survived the holocaust. Besides, Simmons struggled with keeping his family on its feet as they were pretty poor. As these are important things for him, Simmons doesn’t want to hurt his mother and stays clean.

After seeing an article Simmons posted in April, one of his followers tweeted him, asking him to be a man and drink. Recently, the bassist came across this tweet and responded to it. Simmons said he doesn’t want to end up like this fan by following his suggestion. Moreover, he wished the fan good luck with the rest of his life, not giving up being sober.

One of his fans tweeted Gene Simmons the following:

“Be a man and drink!”

Upon seeing this, Simmons said:

“Hahaha. I just saw your profile photo. Your suggestion is, ‘Be a man and drink’? And the result would be I’m going to look like you? Yer killin’ me. Good luck with the rest of your life.”

You can see the tweets below.