KISS’ bassist Gene Simmons shared a post on his official Twitter account reacting to a fan who criticized him for constantly sharing news about the pandemic. However, the musician wasn’t having any of it and strictly stated that his fans are free to unfollow him if they don’t like his posts.

As some of you might have noticed recently, KISS’ Demon has been sharing the latest news about the coronavirus outbreak on his social media platforms. Being a firm supporter of the COVID-19 vaccine and wearing masks, Simmons keeps his fans updated with news from all around the world.

Since he has often been sharing new information about the virus and news that stress the importance of the vaccine, many people have criticized Gene Simmons’ use of social media. Despite receiving criticism for the past few weeks, especially from fans bothered by the constant news bombardment, the KISS icon had never reacted to the backlash.

Recently, a fan shared a post on Twitter after seeing KISS’ bassist statement about the pandemic. Tired of seeing the rocker’s page filled with nothing but news, the fan rudely expressed his opinion by stating that Simmons should be making music and mind his own business rather than getting involved in controversial matters.

As expected, the comment didn’t go unnoticed by Gene Simmons, and he shared a post on Twitter, breaking his silence. The musician spat venom on that fan and stressed that they cannot tell him what to do, but what they can do is to unfollow his Twitter account right away so that they aren’t bothered by his posts.

The fan tweeted:

“WTF Gene? Play the bass and mind your business. What happened to you?”

Gene Simmons’ reaction goes:

“Andrew, first, don’t tell me what to do. Second, if you don’t like my Twitter account, go someplace else. Have a nice day.”

You can see the Twitter post below.