KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently shared his new merchandise that includes bitcoin logos on his official Twitter account. Simmons also responded to a Twitter user asserting that he was ruining many businesses with this project.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a massive part of many investors’ lives. Many people started to have their virtual wallets in this way in the modern world, and one of these names is Gene Simmons.

The rocker has been a long supporter of cryptocurrencies since he has purchased numerous digital assets over the past couple of years. The bassist even bought $300,000 worth of Cardano, one of the most well-known altcoins, and now has a new merch regarding cryptocurrencies.

In a recent Twitter post, Gene Simmons introduced new merchandise, including onesies, sneakers, and backpacks having the dollar sign sold on his official website. He also mentioned that he owned other currencies’ initials, such as bitcoin, yen, and euro, trademarked by him. The bassist stated that they were open to new recommendations about trademark sales.

Gene Simmons explained in his words:

“Hi everybody. You are on Thanks for coming; we’re appreciated it. Do you like my hat? You can get it. We’ve got guys, girls, and all kinds of fun stuff, including baby stuff. Onesies, we’ve got sneakers, backpacks. Check it out; go through stuff that we got on sale.

We’ve got black and white, all kinds of cool stuff. And if you’re not too crazy about this dollar sign in the middle of the bag, which I only trademarked too. I owned the euro ‘E’ sign as approved by the Europen Union trademarked in my name inside that bag.”

He continued:

“The Chinese government has approved that they trademark in my name, the yuan, the Chinese currency logo inside that bag; I owned the trademark in China. The Japanese Yen inside that is mine. You can have it. Nobody else can do this.

We’ve got Dogecoin and Bitcoin logos all approved, all trademarked. I owned them; you can have them. Backpacks, baby stuff, lots of cool-girl stuff, you’ll love it. Tell your friends we’re proud. We’re open to suggestions. We’ve got pink versions and black and white versions. I’ve always wanted to do to make cool, edgy stuff for you. Thanks for coming.”

Under this post, a Twitter user claimed that Simmons would ruin many businesses with this project by tagging Max Keiser, who was known for his bitcoin predictions. The rocker responded, indicating that the accusation was untrue. Simmons stated that when he first thought about this project, he immediately contacted Gemini cryptocurrency exchange founder Tyler Winklevoss who approved the logos he would use.

Simmons responded when a Twitter user claimed he would ruin many businesses:

“Duke, you’re talking through yer ass. The 1st thing I did when I trademarked the bitcoin B inside my moneybag was contacting Tyler Winklevoss. Tyler confirmed in writing he had no objection to me owning the logo & that I was perfectly within my rights to do so. Duke, you lose again!”

You can see the tweets below.