The co-founder and co-lead singer of KISS, Gene Simmons has shared an interesting photo of the KISS themed Halloween house via his official Twitter account.

Here’s what Gene wrote for that house:

“An Epic Halloween House in Keller Turns Heads Every Year | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.”

You can see Gene’s Tweet right below.

Also, Michele Scoma, who created the idea of the impressive Halloween house, made a special statement about the Halloween house.

Here is Michale’s statement:

“Yeah, it’s a passion. I’m a very creative person. If I’m not creating, I’m antsy. I love to make things, so Halloween really lets my imagination go crazy.

I can do whatever I want. I feel like I can express myself with Halloween and do things.

We start before the first holiday. We’ve already planned like a month ago what next year is going to be already.

I do like hitting the stores after Halloween and get things half price. It takes a full year of planning to do what I’m going to do.”

Check here for more details.