The legendary member of KISS, Gene Simmons has shared a recent tweet on his verified and official Twitter account and showed the KISS brand accessories and souvenirs in the video.

In the video, Gene Simmons has talked about the products. Also, he wrote a meaningful message on the video.

Here’s what he wrote:

“There is a lot of stuff. And I mean, a lot.”

A fan named Wendy asked a question:

“What does it feel like when you just stand in front of your entire collection? What does it feel like to know YOU created such a huge impact on music and people?!

Is there even a word for it? That’s so amazing!!”

Another fan named Stanley said:

“Gene, a question. The initial red body bass with rosewood fretboard as the video starts, would that happen to be a Spector?

I know you used a white body Spector during the Crazy Nights era. Of all the basses I’ve owned, I always wanted one, but couldn’t afford to own one.”

You can watch the video right below.