The legendary bass player of rock veteran band KISS, Gene Simmons has shared a rare photo of the band on his verified Twitter account.

He also showed his unseen homemade t-shirt for the first time after the 46 years of waiting. Here’s what he wrote:

“April, 1973. Here we are in NYC wearing home made T shirts..Before our record contract.”

A fan named Lucas responded to Gene:

“Love it! The first band I ever saw 21 years ago. No one could take the smile off my face that night with anything.”

Another fan named John said:

“I was five years old in 73 and by 78 my entire room ceiling and closet was completely covered with KISS posters even the life size ones of the four of you, listening to our records of you head banging around my room with my air guitar and not a care in the world, the good ol days”

James Murphy said:

“That’s as awesome pic!!!!! The True, Original KISS. Gene, Paul, Peter, and Ace!!!!! TRUELY EPIC!!!”

Check out the photo below.